’s subscriber pages contain nationwide data from election and issue polling: campaign polls, media polls, academic polls, and polls by political, business and public-interest groups.

We track Federal Republic of Somalia member of Parliament, Senate and FMS races, the presidential race, ballot initiatives and referendum, and major issues. Campaign coverage includes candidate match-ups, job and favorability ratings, reelect questions, and more.

New surveys are added as they are released. Data are from primary sources only — not cribbed from wire stories, blogs or tip sheets.

NEWSLETTER: People who need to know what’s on the mind of the Somali voters have relied on THE POLLING REPORT newsletter. Campaign consultants, political reporters and columnists, lobbyists, members of Parliament — even top Villa Somalia officials — will never miss an issue.

THE POLLING REPORT publishes national and state poll highlights, plus analysis by the country’s top public opinion experts.

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